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SnOasis Parish Alliance



Great Blakenham, Little Blakenham, Bramford, Somersham, Barham and Claydon and Whitton Parish Councils, along with Nettlestead and Baylham ParishMeetings and Needham Market Town Council form the SnOasis Parish Alliance - a group working together to consider the details of the SnOasis Reserved Matters and to exert more influence than we can as individual organisations. We hav endeavoured to work with Mid Suffolk District Council to obtain the information that is necessary for Councils to be able to make informed and constructive comments.

This page will be updated as and when new information is received about the application.

SnOasis was originally approved in 2008 by the Secretary of State. The original approval remains in force and is not up for reapproval. The Planning team at Mid Suffolk District Council will not be requesting or considering any comments on the merits or otherwise of that original application and the subsequent decision by the Secretary of State, and this will not be considered by any of the Town and Parish Councils that have been asked for comments on the Reserved Matters.

Mid Suffolk District Council have set up a page dedicated to Snoasis on their website: http://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning/snoasis/

The application and associated documents can be viewed on the Council’s planning web site by following this link 4494/16  and at the Council’s offices in Needham Market. A link to the submitted documents is directly available here 4494/16.

The final Reserved Matters were received by MSDC and sent out for comment. The SPA worked very hard to analyse a large number of lengthy and highly detailed technical documents and to form a constructive response to the application in a very tight timescale. This was summarised in a document that was sent to MSDC Planning as the SPA's response and was endorsed by all the member Parishes as also forming their response.



The group is chaired by Steve Plume, Chairman of Great Blakenham Parish Council.


Contact for the group is through: Janet Gobey, Clerk to the SnOasis Parish Alliance at snoasispa@icloud.com