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Update on the Allotments January 2018


  The one year licence offered by the owners of the allotments has now expired and the Parish Council is attempting to open negotiations with the landowner and land agent.

During this period of negotiations Great Blakenham Parish Council can only suggest that allotment owners continue to manage their plots. If you would like to retain or acquire a plot, It would be helpful and speed up the process if plot holders would let us know whether or not they wish to continue using their plots. Please contact the Parish Clerk preferably by email, or by phone, (contact details at the bottom of this notice), including your name and the number of your plot/s.

Allotment holders can continue to work their plots while the new agreements are being issued.

At present the allotments are being offered free of charge. The Parish Council will review this at the Meeting in January, but reserve the right to collect a rent if any charges are made during the period of the licence.

The Parish Council will continue to work to find a longer-term arrangement for the allotments.

If you have any queries, please email or call the Parish Clerk, Janet Gobey

Phone - 07508830777