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Parish Council

Great Blakenham Parish Council has 7 members elected every 4 years. The most recent election took place in May 2023 and was uncontested.

Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
Karen Grimwood
45, Plummers Dell, Great Blakenham, IP6 0HW
Tel: 07508830777 / 07463329570
email pc@greatblakenham.suffolk.gov.uk

Chairman: Cllr Steve Plume

Tel: 07477907661
email: GBPCchair@outlook.com

Cllr. Will Durrant
email: gbpc3@outlook.com
Cllr. Debbie Kemp
email: gbpc1@outlook.com

Vice Chairman: Cllr.Nick Leonard
email: gbpc2@outlook.com

The Parish Council have four noticeboards situated across the village, one next to the Parish Rooms, within the centre of the village, one noticeboard situated on the green area on Blakenham Fields, one noticeboard situated next to the bus shelter outside Jack Brand's Factory and a one outside the village shop at Hackneys Corner. If you would like to advertise a local club/group or event on these boards, please contact the Clerk.

A schedule for all upcoming meetings will be available to view on the noticeboards. The agenda will also be published on this website.

Each year, an Annual Meeting of the Parish is held during the months of April or May. All registered electors of Great Blakenham are are invited to attend. This meeting did not place in 2020 because of Covid-19 regulations.

The Chairman gives a report on the activities from the Parish Council, and reports on the financial position of the council from the previous working  year.

The Annual Meeting of the Council is held during May. At this Meeting the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected for the coming year.