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SnOasis Development Information

This page will give the latest information available on SnOasis, the planned winter sports centred on the old quarry situated to the south of Great Blakenham.

SnOasis Reserved Matters have now been passed by MSDC Planning.  

A number of local Parish Councils and Meetings joined together to form the SnOasis Parish Alliance to work together to represent the residents of their communities – over 11,000 people – who will be affected by this development. This is the list of SPA Member parishes:
Claydon and Whitton
Great Blakenham
Little Blakenham
Needham Market

The SnOasis Parish Alliance attempted to work with Planning and the developer to obtain the best possible outcomes for local residents. However, the SPA has grave concerns about the amount of detail that remains unclear, even at the stage, on crucial aspects of the application, such as drainage, traffic and transport and the environment. For this reason, the SPA asked that the Planning Committee delayed making a decision on Reserved Matters, but our views were ignored and the application was approved shortly before the District Council elections.

Planning have indicated that they no longer intend to work with the SPA, instead preferring to set up a group of the parishes that have a border with the site. At this stage, we do not know what the future role of the SPA will be, if any.However, we  shall try and ensure that there is a mechanism by which residents are kept informed about what is happening.